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“I don’t care who dancing with whom as long as they dance for the revolution”

(Fidel Castro, when he was told that black & whites were dancing together at celebrations
on the day of the ouster of the US supported Regime under Batista)

Hola Fidel,

I want to come to Cuba. I want to go to Guantanamo, to Camp X-Ray, with others who oppose US Imperialism in all its forms. We will come as a Delegation, which will include many different forces. We want to serenade the Camp X-Ray with a drum ensemble to begin with. A reminder to them as to where they are, prisoner and Captor alike.

We want to pay respect and homage to the Indios who are no longer there, exterminated by European Colonialism. We want to pay our respects to the millions of Africans brought to the New World who experienced untold horror and suffering. We want to show the entire world where we stand.




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